sexta-feira, 2 de fevereiro de 2007

Black Diary-Mary Migdala...


Day 08
-In this evening I walk to the window.I avoid seeing my reflex.
Outside the weather was weird.I fell weird too.I fell thin inside,that dream,I don’t remember it too well but it is so present...

-This day rises...well...marvellous.The fresh air flow into my nose,even now I feel that fragrance.
My friends came to my house.They are so thoughtful and concerned,too much in my point of view.I think they are all jealous.
Today they made fun of me because I’ve a little spot in my face.I repudiate them,stupid girls!
My mom...all day with the cleaner,making noise,twisting my head.Maybe it’s better if I just calm down,I’ve been so intolerant lately.

Day 10
-This shit is all over my body.This ugly spots...burn...I scratch.It’s worst.My vision is disturbed!Am I disturbed?This paper where I’m writing is dark...the room...appears...

Day 11
-The cleaner...all day the cleaner.

Day 12
-I’m tired of this.
Tired of this noise.
Tired tired
Tired Tired, tired...Tired!

Day 13
-When I opened my eyes this morning everything was white,my mother was laying on the floor!It was all red around her.(I don’t know why I’m writing this).
My vest is red.I don’t understand!!!

Day 14
-I can’t take it anymore.


Agradecimento sentido à pessoa que me ajudou na correcção deste texto.
(Os espaços arderam como que por milagre:)

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Anônimo disse...

Tá muito bom!! Gostei bastante. Um bocado para o depressivo e tal... não fosse o diário de uma suicida... LOL

p.s. o barulho do aspirador tambem dá comigo em doida... pelos vistos é só uma questão de tempo até...